Here’s one of the souvenirs I picked up while in San Francisco this past August. Our friends were kind enough to make a stop at The Curiosity Shoppe for me to visually feast my eyes on. This set of coasters made the perfect San Fran moment because of its cross stich design, it’s letterpressed, it was only $8 and most importantly it poses uncomfortable questions or remarks that we never quite know how to respond to. They make perfect conversation starters to say the least.

“Any babies yet?” is a frequent question in our current season of life (Hi, Denise!). I honestly don’t mind it, but I thought it made a fitting addition to our new home (plus, we were in need of some additional coasters, no lie).

Happy Friday friends! Here’s hoping you receive lots of awkward questions this weekend and respond to them with effortless poise (because the Lord knows I lack this quality).

(Unfortunately I can’t remember the source for the letterpress coasters. If you know it, please let me know and I’ll update the post! Thanks!)


 These pictures combine an array of some of my favorites in an assortment of categories. First, in these photos is one of my all-time favorite invitation clients, Ashley Ginzburg (utterly gorgeous, isn’t she). Secondly, Ash is “workin’ it ” in a frock by one of my favorite dress designers, Sarah Seven. Thirdly these photos are taken by one of my very favorite Dallas photographers, Lauren Larsen. And lastly, this book page backdrop was created by one of the most creative people I know, Heather Destena. It’s a little too much creativity and favoritism to handle in one post, isn’t it?

I’m honored to say Ashley discovered Sarah Seven’s work through a post I shared back in February. When she told me she had purchased a SS, I was practically giddy, but when she mentioned that Lauren Larsen wanted to take photos of her wearing it, I was downright excited. Lauren has a genius idea in the works to take photographs of her clients in both their wedding gown and rehearsal dinner dress. Great idea, right?

The book page wall, a stunning model, a talented photographer and a creative-oozing stylist make for one amazing shoot. Check out the rest of the photos here and more of Lauren Larsen’s work here.

Let’s go for a walk through the Carlisle Train Station in England, shall we? If you’re feeling a bit down that day, you’ll be immediately cheered up by the bright stripes and dangling chandeliers (not to mention the overall awesome aesthetics). We’ll feel like characters in a Dr. Seuss book. You bring the cats and hats and I’ll bring the green eggs and ham and we’ll have a ball. Deal? Deal.

{via La Douleur Exquise via Vicki Tequila Flickr}


Gorgeous modern pieces from Wiksten. Each piece is versatile and easy to layer while still easily wearable by itself. Seeing images like this makes me want to modernize my closet just a bit.

Do you ever feel like that? Desire a change-up in your closet? If so, what styles do you wish to integrate more into your everyday wardrobe?

{ See more of Wiksten here: blog + shop + flickr }

Two months later and I’m finally getting around to our New York trip! Here are the highlights from our trip.

 Our biggest highlight was definitely the picnic my friend Christine organized for us in Central Park to meet her awesome NYU friends. We spent four hours with a wonderful hodge podge of picnic food, we flew kites, threw the football and frisbee around and frolicked through the park (naturally).

Our foodie adventures will have to be shared in a separate post, but I couldn’t resist including this awesome restaurant Christine made reservations to called Beauty & Essex. It was a speak easy (apparently common in New York) so there was a pawn shop store front and a stunningly chic restaurant behind outfitted with gorgeous ornate chandeliers, champagne in the restroom (there’s nothing like relieving yourself and then taking a sip of bubbly) and a room full of open frames and vintagejewelry (pictured above).

 Forever 21 in Times Square. Had to take a photo of the shoe section because I know too many of you, like me, wish your local Forever 21 had a shoe department like this!

 Here we are after watching our first Broadway play, Mamma Mia!

  Waiting an hour and a half at the MET for the Alexander McQueen exhibit Savage Beauty. My feet were KILLING me but it was completely worth the wait. The exhibit was mind blowing and I loved watching Jon experience fashion as a artistic medium for the first time. Christine, Jon and I walked away inspired to say the least. I would highly recommend visiting McQueen’s exhibit.

 Yay! Catching up with the couple who discipled us throughout college and their little Jacob! They work for Campus Crusade and happened to be working in NYC for the summer.  Jon’s a happy boy visiting the Brooklyn Brewery.

 Love me some Ace Hotel decor!

 Lunch in China Town!

Introducing the  Chelsea Market. Exposed brick, vintage details, industrial touches and wood all mixed together in beautiful harmony? I could definitely live here.


The High Line! An old railroad line that’s been converted into a park. The Chelsea Market combined with the High Line make one of my favorite parts of the city, hands down. Jon and I loved the area so much we grabbed some pizza for a date and came to sit in the above photo where we could watch the traffic go by. Love.

Also on my list of most cherished moments was the pop up markets that would set up shop on the weekends in various parts of the city. It was so much fun perusing through the shops and purchasing a few pashminas as gifts for some of my friends.

More catching up! I was fortunate enough to have two friends from high school meet up with us after not seeing each other for over 8 years! Jordan, in the plaid, now works for Bette Midler (crazy right?) and Carter is a bonafied actor! So fun to reconnect after all these years.

 Nuzzling with some tolix chars at NYU. One of Christine’s many fortes is makeup. Here’s her locker at school.

 Outdoor movie at Bryant Park. It was a little too chaotic for us so we decided to grab some street food for our final evening in New York and

take one last group shot in Times Square.

A huge thanks goes to my friend Christine  (check out her portfolio site here and make up site here) who not only housed us in her Manhattan apartment, but showed us one heck of a time! We’re still recovering from the food coma we experienced there…

I’m a sucker for great type, especially when unconventional materials are used to create it. Anna Garforth is the artist responsible for these typographic installations and I love how she can magically transforms moss, masking tape and leaves into a stunning work of art. Imagine if Anna Garforth and Dana Tanamachi got together to paint a beautiful message. It would surely be destined for greatness!

{via Design Mom}


Love the way these sun soaked bathrooms are styled by Mille Notti. Let’s just assume here that the neighbors are far from site so there isn’t more than a PG-13 show being displayed in the window during bath time. Let’s make that PG. Movie ratings aren’t always the most reliable these days, then again, I’ve been watching R-rated movies since I was 6. You can blame my brother who’s 7 years older than me for that one.

{photo: Mille Notti}

Dana Tanamachi is the graphic designer, artist, and chalk extraordinaire behind these images. She clearly has an incredibly skillful hand and a deep understanding of type to be able to draw these images with such exquisite composition and balance.

I have literally been looking at her website and these chalk drawings every night for the past three weeks for a few reasons: One, I’m in love with her work (Did you see the way she wrote out “Nagging Doubt?” Swoon!), two, I want an intimate relationship with typography like Ms. Tanamachi and three, Jon and I have a chalkboard wall that’s been left blank until a couple of weeks ago. Needless to say, I didn’t accomplish a masterpiece similar to her work, but at least I have a goal to work towards (for eternity).

Cheers to you Dana Tanamachi! You have reinvented the way I look at chalk and you’ve given eye candy to typography lovers world-wide. Check out Dana’s portfolio here and watch some videos of her hard at work here!

Imagine that you have just received a box in the mail….

When you open the box, there’s an invitation and, holy mackerel, a View-Master! You stare in disbelief and proceed to drool.
You open the invite to find that your hipster friends Kim and Jack are getting married, but the invitation doesn’t stop at the retro design and 100lb cover paper. Oh no, it’s much more involved than that.
You slide the reel inside of the View-Master and as you place your eyes upon the vintage object you suddenly warp into your childhood self reminiscing about the time you stole your older brother’s VM and dreamt of all the places it could take you with just a few clicks. When you look in you experience…

one of the most creative wedding invitations around. You think “Man, Kim and Jack are the bomb,” and you’re right – they totally are.

I certainly hope your weekend is the bomb and full of visuals even more magnificent than a View Master wedding invite!

{via My Modern Met, View-Master invites by Melangerie, this find discovered by my favorite}

School started back up this week so I thought it was appropriate to post a lovely school related photo.

Hello sweet friends! Long time, no blog. I apologize for not calling, writing letters or sending the proper amount of hugs and kisses. I sort of don’t know what to say (typically not a problem for me). I’ve restarted this post five times and I know at this point I just need to accept that what I share may not be perfect, but it will be sincere.

So I haven’t been blogging for a variety of reasons. It’s a combination of the summer schedule (aka not a routine), traveling, and moving into a new place. In addition to those events, I was internally analyzing what my relationship was with blogging. Long story short, I realized that I had been idolizing my blog. I confess that I had prioritized blogging over my time with the Lord, over cooking decent meals for  my husband, and over so many things that deserved to be a higher priority. Please know that I am by no means suggesting that other bloggers are wrongfully prioritizing their time with their blogs, because I don’t believe that at all. This is simply a realization I’ve had about the way I’ve unwisely and selfishly used my time. I’ve prayed about this, I’ve apologized to my sweet husband and now I apologize to you.

With that said, if you’ll potentially have me back in the blogsophere, I’d love to continue blogging but this time with a healthier mind-set. Jon and I have talked about it and we both think that continuing blogging is the right decision because I love it, it’s the best creative outlet and I enjoy getting to know so many of y’all.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest! I really appreciate it and I hope you understand where I am coming from. Posts on some of my other trips this summer, some recent invitation work and shots of the new home coming soon!

*Disclaimer: Jon has never suggested that I was a bad wife. I simply know that I can improve in my domestic skills.

{school photo via Be Calm’s photostream }

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