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I’m kind of really obsessed with these patterned sneakers from Urban. To make the temptation of purchasing a pair even worse, you can buy one pair for $20 or two pairs for $30! As much as I love the vintage textile on pair number one, I think two and six are calling my name.

Which pair is calling out your name?


Hey guys! So the blog has been lower on the priority list as of late due to teaching wrapping up and a custom invite project I was working on. I flew into Iowa last night and all day today I’ve been relishing the rolling hills, growing corn crops, cows and barns in view. I can’t tell you how unbelievably relaxing it is to be here, and most importantly Jon is getting to share the Gospel all week with high school kids and we’re getting to spend time with two of our close friends Tyson and Sarah and their A-DORABLE baby girl, Olive Joy.

Sorry about the inconsistent posts, but I’m around, trust me, and I appreciate all your well wishes and suggestions from the Chicago post. You guys rock, seriously!

What are your summer plans? And if you don’t have any because of work, if you had the summer off what summer plans would you love to have?

{photo by Leo Patrone}

I’m on the brink of summer and I can taste its sweet nectar more everyday as the school year comes to a close (for those who may not know, I am an elementary art teacher by day and a dork by night). Jon is already in Iowa an I will be joining him this Monday evening. Almost every summer of our marriage we’ve driven out to Iowa to visit our dear friends Tyson and Sarah who run a lovely Christian camp. Jon gets to play speaker for the week and I get to play the speaker’s wife who takes advantage of the free ice cream (typically a Dr. Pepper float) and plays mini golf.


I’ve been hankering to visit Chicago for quite some time now and randomly wondered a few months ago how far the camp was from Chicago. Low and behold we discovered it was only four hours away. Can I hear a “WHA WHA!” and now a “BOOYAH” and afterwards let’s spell out “C-H-I-C-A-…..” okay I’ll stop. If you can’t tell, we were super excited.


We don’t exactly have a place to stay at this point (we’ll likely use our go-to save money on housing site, Air BnB) so offers or suggestions are very welcome, but more than that I’d love to hear what restaurants, museums, coffee shops and local stops we need to take. Where do you go for deep dish pizza? Where should I go for a delicious dessert? Where can Jon get a unique beer? What are the daytime spots and fun nightlife hangouts (not that I’m cool enough to go to them, but it’s always good to know about!). Oh and one last question…

Do you live in chicago? Would you like to meet up for lunch? Holla at yo’girl, thanks!

{image by Anderson Design}

Can’t resist the quirky styling of this online French shop La Cerise Sur Le Gatea (I recommend using Google Translate to surf the site). Anna Hubert is the designer behind these fun finds and she mentions that she “draws in references from her childhood, fine materials, and adds a dash of difference without forgetting a touch of humor” in her products. Gotta love when designers infuse their personality into their designs!

I totally want to paint the bottom of my feet now and see if Jon notices. Or maybe I should attempt to set up a vertical bed like the girl above. Oh the possibilities!

Which photo is catching your eye?

{all photos by Coco Amardeil}

2005 Grand Canyon

2006 snowed in at Colby, Kansas on our way to Denver, CO ( we never made it, but the trip was a great adventure!)

I clearly had an obsession with back photos!

2007 Ft. Lauderdale, FL

2007 Senior Art Show with one of my photography pieces

2007 in Vietnam with my family after we graduated from college. It was the longest I had ever been away from Jon. I wrote this message in the sand to him that says I miss him or rather “I miss boo” in Vietnamese.

2008 at a joint friends’ 80’s themed party (great idea, right?)

2009 – Celebrating our one year anniversary in D.C. (see more photos of our D.C. trip here: 1  |  2  |  3  |  4

2009 Secret Santa with college friends. Just wanted to include this specifically because of Jon’s stache! Ha! Can’t tell you how many of our friends did not like it, but I found it pretty comical!

2010 Austin – visiting some hard-core friends, Ingrid & Beau, and riding their tandem to dinner

He’s my partner in crime and my absolute best friend. I love him beyond words and I’m grateful to be called his wife of now 3 years. He’s my rock and I praise the Lord for the joy we’ve shared in our marriage. It’s far from perfect, but it’s a beautiful thing learning how to receive grace and unconditional love when you’re wrong and how to forgive someone as well as to be forgiven.

Our first prayer together as husband and wife on May 31st, 2008. We look back and are grateful for that day (as completely hectic and chaotic as it was) and look to the future in great anticipation for what the Lord has in store for us.

Thanks for letting me be cheesy for a post. Your regular broadcast will continue tomorrow!

{last photo by Table4 Photography}

Year One

Year Two

Year Three

Jon and I decided early after getting married that it would be a total blast to have an anniversary dinner every year with our friends at the restaurant where we had our reception. The restaurant is called Zander’s House and it happens to have this amazingly large dance floor, naturally a necessity, which our entire wedding party sat on during the reception and where we sit each time we revisit Zander’s for our anniversary.

This year was extra special because my uber talented floral designing friend Amy insisted on creating an amazing tablescape for us with candles, some gorgeous flowers, succulents atop moss and candlesticks and wooden elements throughout. Love! Thanks so much for that precious gift Amy!

Jon and I still plan something each year for just the two of us(we actually alternate planning!) but it’s such a treat to celebrate our marriage with close friends who are constant supporters and encouragers of our relationship. Thanks for coming guys! Hopefully this will be a tradition we can continue for the rest of our marriage.

Establishing goofiness in marriage since 2008

Our anniversary isn’t until May 31st so I’ll probably be posting a little more about our story, Jon’s awesomeness and how grateful we are that the Lord brought us together. Thanks for tuning in and have a tremendous Memorial day weekend friends!

Remember when you were a teenager? Hanging out with friends, playing sports, procrastinating on projects and going to parties? Well, the five foodies photographed above decided they would likely do all of the above and cook, bake, style and photograph food as teenagers and start blogs that would each develop a tremendous following. I know how you’re feeling, I too feel like I was totally unproductive as a teenager!

A few of these future chefs have hit their twenties, but they’re still going strong with their food experimentations and what’s even better is that they’ve decided to collaborate together to create a blog entitled The Kitchen Generation. This fresh new blog offers recipes, cooking tips, styling advice and is sure to be a great addition to your reader.

If you’re a food lover like myself, even at 26 (or whatever your age may be) it’s never too late to attempt to discover your love for cooking, but how I wish I was half as gifted as these young food gurus!

{all photos via the authors of The Kitchen Generation}

Need a clever way to communicate a message to a loved one or a complaint to a neighbor? Well, look no further. Knock Knock is chock full of note pads that will help you communicate that “special” message in a clever and humorous (potentially offensive) way.

Tired of tweeting online? No prob, just use the Paper Tweet as an efficient alternative to display your 140 character message by hand. Behind on the slang kids are using these days? Knock Knock’s Slang Flashcards totally have you covered. Or perhaps you’re interested in my personal favorite, the TMI self-inking stamp that gives you the option of checking the box “Tell me more.”

Gotta love a product that has both good design and a serious sense of humor!

{via Good Look Cookbook}

When I saw A Fabulous Fete’s cake stands featured on Hooray I virtually ran over to my blog to begin a post. I love that Lauren’s cake stands are wooden, generally more affordable than the glass cake stands I’ve found online and the pedestal of each stand has those gorgeous curves that my eye is often drawn towards.

I’ll take that gold cake pedestal in a heartbeat. Which pedestal is calling your name?

*Shoutout: to Rachel for gifting me the world’s most gorgeous cake stand (totally throwing a party with it this summer) and to my mother-in-law Denise for thinking of me when she saw a pink milk glass cake stand while antiquing. Gotta love that this blog lends itself to allow my loved to know my taste so well! Thanks guys!

How gorgeous is Swedish designer Lisa Bengtsson’s wallpaper? I love the two aesthetics of her wallpaper lines. One is full of bold graphic prints while the other fuses vintage florals with bright pops of color. In addition to the wallpaper, I’m totally digging the styling in these photos. Can you spot that neon yellow Tolix chair? Love!

Which wallpaper fits your style the best?

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