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Did I mention that I lo-ooooove weddings? My wedding is a year and a half behind me, but I can’t help but enjoy the big white dresses, colors, details and the emotion of the entire event. It really is beautiful. It costs way too much money, but still…..beautiful.

I found this exquisite barn wedding first going through delightful blogs, then clicking on “design: decor: style,” and then selecting cup of jo, which finally brought me to this wedding. It was a pretty round about process, I know.

I’ve been obsessed with the incredible photography, the color scheme and fullness of the flowers, the bride’s dress, the RAIN, the bridal party’s boots, and the barn location since I discovered it a couple of hours ago so I naturally need to blog about it to share all of its bucolic charm.


you’re welcome.

with joy: viv


okay…..i admit it…..this may be my 5th or 6th attempt in my life to start a blog. i can’t seem to commit to a blog because

1)i’m indecisive

2)i’m not good with computers and

3)i don’t have the patience to blog the way i’d really like to blog

how would i like my blog to look? here are a few of my favorite bloggers that i’ll be using as my inspirations:

i admire this designer so much!

this blog is a life saver especially for a first year art teacher like me:

i love this girl’s blog and etsy shop! i feel like our interests, and designs are on a similar wavelength, but she’s obviously a lot further along than me in the invitation department.

and visit her etsy shop:

since getting married, i’ve fallen in love with decorating!

Design Sponge is one of multiple awesome decorating sites.

i lo-ooooooove photography blogs. this blog is particularly addicting. check out this talented photographer in Lubbock, TX at

posting this blog has been more involved than i expected and has taken me about an hour and a half (ridiculous i know!). maybe one day i can be a blog expert like the bloggers i’ve posted, but until then visit for updates, recipes, photos and stories.

with joy: viv

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